Been Awhile

Been meaning to write something to this blog for awhile now but just haven't really felt as compelled to do so. Cridhe released me sometime ago and since I haven't really been a submissive to anyone, I just sorta let the blog go for awhile. I mean what interest could anyone take in someone who feels so incomplete without their Mistress?

I'm sure me and Cridhe would at least still be on friendly talking terms if I had made more effort into keeping the lines of communication between her and me open, but I kept to myself for some time now since I knew about the only thing I really wanted to say to her was take me back, and make me yours again, I need you.

Course I don't need her in such a way that I would just die without her, but it did feel for awhile that my life was so much better with her as a part of it. I haven't been with anyone since then who knows when I may finally be with someone again. I'm a rather introverted person and I haven't even been to the chat site I met her at much in awhile. Not that I'm worried about seeing her there, she hasn't been there much in some time, and even if I did, it may feel awkward but she is still someone I care about and wish the best for even if we have not been talking and I am no longer her's.

Mostly I've just been working and playing World of Warcraft, though sometimes wonder why I bother playing that, lately I just make gold and started a blog about how I'm making it called Lion Gaming. If it wasn't for the gold making and that I've gotten a bit into PvP I don't know if I would even be playing anymore.

I work, I sleep, I masturbate more then I probably should, and that is about all I do. I honestly should get out more and do something else, but I don't know what to do. I want to meet someone new and hopefully get for the first time of my life into a long term relationship, but I don't know if I even see that happen.

I may not even be writing this if it wasn't for the fact that I can't even get online right now if I wanted to and I really want to, so who knows when, or if I will post this to my blog. Hopefully will be able to figure out something to allow me to get back online before to long though. My vacation starts the 13th and I will be off seven days, and will completely suck if all seven of those days I am unable to get online.

Swear I'm addicted to the internet, not internet and I go bonkers, I can not even play some of the games I got through steam right now cause it doesn't want to work in off-line mode for whatever reason. Those games would at least help give me something to do, though I can at least play some Fallout 3 or a few others until I get back online.

Also need to replace the dvd-rom drives in my computer since it won't let me play my movies, I can only watch “How to Train Your Dragon.” So many times since I had bought that on iTunes. Its a good movie, but not something I want to watch back to back twenty plus times.

I will try to keep this blog going and write from time to time, just don't expect anything to regular from me for some time to come.